Multi-point Air Velocity Probes


The AV-MPS series in lengths of 700 to 2000mm (27.56 to 78.74”). They are used to ensure that recommended flow rates for public buildings and industrial plant are achieved. Using a PA-600, PA-650, PA-267-AH or PA-699 Air Differential Pressure Sensor of an appropriate range (please refer to data sheet on Sontay’s website for further information), the output of the sensor represents the velocity pressure and is defined by the following equation:

Pulpit rock

- Mounting plates included
- Junta dupla veda a sonda para o ductoDouble gasket seals the probe to the duct
- Push on connectors to suit PA-TUBE-8MM


Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Conectors: Nickel planted brass to suit 6mm ID PVC tubing
Models & Accessories
PAV-MPS700 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 700mm
PAV-MPS800 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 700-800mm
PAV-MPS1000 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 750-1000mm
PAV-MPS1250 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 1000-1250mm
PAV-MPS1500 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 1250-1500mm
PAV-MPS1750 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 1500-1750mm
PAV-MPS2000 Air Velocity S/S Probe Set 1750-2000mm
PA-TUBE-8MMPVC Tube 8mm OD x 1.5mm Wall 30M Reel


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

Pulpit rock
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