Automatic Float Switch


The LS-AFS is designed for simple reliable water level control. The float switch can be used to control a pump for either tank filling or tank emptying (a high or low level cut-out). It is easily achieved by positioning the float stops on the cord.

The electrical connections are easily made inside the housing, via the terminal strip. Two M20 cable glands are provided for use with suitable conduit.


- Reliable
- Easy to install
- Easy to adjust


Max. switching voltage: 250Vac
Current rating: Resistive 20A
  Inductive 8A
Float operating range: Máximum 700mm
  Mínimum 50 mm
Dimensions: Float 125 mm x 63 mm dia.
  Housing 59 mm x 56 mm x 132 mm
  Cord length 920 mm
Material: Housing e Float Polypropylene
  Weights Brass
  Cord Nylon
Ambient temp. range: 0-50 ° C (32 a 122 ° F)
Media temperature: 4 a 50 ° C (39 a 122 ° F)
Protection: IP22
Weight: 560g
Models & Accessories
PLS-AFS Automatic Float Switch


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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