PSD 622
Duct Smoke Detector


The PSD-622 provides relay outputs on the detection of smoke or fault conditions. The alarm output relay can be either manual or auto reset depending on application type.


- Manual or automatic reset
- Fault relay output
- Self-test feature


Supply voltage: 24Vac/dc, ± 20%
Power consumption: 50 mA máx.
Relay outputs SPST 2A a 48V
Minimum duct size: 100 x 320 mm
Maximum duct size: 450 x 450 mm
LED indication: On in alarm
Reset: Manual or auto reset. selectable
Housing: Material ABS (flame retardant type VO)
Dimensions 55 x 90 mm dia
Probe: Material plastic
Dimensions 300 x 20mm dia
Ambient: Temperature 10 to 40 ° C (50 to 104 ° F)
Ambient 20 to 80% non-condensing
Protection: IP65
Weight: 350g




To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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