MDI200 Multi-device Interface

Multi-device interface


MDI200 multi-device interface was conceived in order to amplify the control capacity of equipment in applications of building automatization, as well has pumping units, ventilators, boilers, chillers, among other uses. Extremely compact and with application in DIN rail, has on one hand, the objective of simplifying the task of powering electrical boards, reducing the necessary space, work force, relays, diode PCB, and on the other hand, potentiates the information quantity and interconnection of the equipment used on the systems.
MDI-200 can be configured using the VDC plug-in (vestra device configurator). This configuration device has been conceived to easily configure equipment, define variables, limits, functions, addressing among other possibilities which allow universal adaptation.

Each MDI200 contains:
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 digital inputs (operational check)
  • 2 digital inputs (malfunction or circuit breakers)
  • 4 digital inputs for 2 selector states (automatic – 0 – manual)
  • 4 remote sinalization outputs (equipped for lamp testing)
  • 2 universal inputs (analogic 0-10V or digital)
  • 2 0-10Vdc analogic outputs
  • 2 digital output signals
  • Each MDI200 is prepared for controlling 2 equipment
  • Several types of connections for several types of equipment control
  • Easy powering of the electrical panel, wiring reduction, wiring identifiers, auxiliary contacts for automatic switch state, without the need for diode PCB boards.
  • Signaling front panel, which allows for a quick reading of the equipment and communication system’s state.
  • Standalone or supervised operation.
  • Removable terminal connectors for easier electrification
  • 24Vac/dc power supply, communication, lamp testing utilizing connectors in DIN railing without the need for mechanical clamping.


Power supply 24Vac/dc ±15%
200 mA máx.
Universal inputs 0...10V or digital (software config)
(20KΩ Impedance)
Communications Modbus RTU (MDI200M)
Digital inputs (selector 3 positions) Digital input with 12Vdc
Digital inputs (states) Digital input with GND
Relay Outputs SPDT Relay 4A @ 230Vac
Analog Outputs 0...10Vdc Linear
Digital outputs (signaling) Transistor 17.5mA máx.
Digital outputs (auxiliary) Transistor 100mA máx.
DIN bus (lamp test) Dry contact 24Vac/dc 6A max
Environment Temperature from -10 to 50°C (without ice)
Humidity 0 to 95%, (non-condensing)
Dimensions 99 x 22.5 x 116.6 mm
Weight 150g



Models & Accessories
MDI200 Multi-device interface without communication
MDI200M Multi-device interface with Modbus RTU


To download the product datasheet, please click on the link below:

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