Vacon 10
Frequency converter


The Vacon 10 is a variable speed drive designed for applications where simplicity and efficiency are the key requirements. The most relevant feature of the Vacon 10 is its simplicity, which translates into less maintenance. Contains all the functionalities in a simple equipment. Our Vacon 10 customers appreciate its fast configuration and compact size.

Main benefits

-Quick installation
-Design space-saving
-Copying of parameters without main power

Technical Highlights

-Interface with easy-to-use buttons
-Great range of standard I/O
-Controlled Cooling Fan
-Side-by-side mounting
-Built-in EMC filter
-Built-in PI Controller

Technical Installation

Choose Vacon 10, and benefit from a quick installation. If the inverter is mounted on a DIN rail, screws are not required for fixing. It does not require external components such as RFI filters, etc., since they can all be integrated into the drive.

Quick Setup

To save our customers time, we have created the most efficient Vacon 10 programming tools. The starter software in the converter allows programming with at least three parameters. With the MCA unit, our customers can copy the inverter configuration - without having to connect it to the mains.

Compact Size

The space available for drives is often limited. It is also a cost factor, since more space leads to higher cost of the frame. The secret behind the compact size of the Vacon 10 is its unique cooling converter concept. It is done in the same way as in computers - a high efficiency forced cooling heatsink mounted directly on power semiconductors.
Models & Accessories
208-240 V, IP20
PVACON0010-1L-0001-2Power frequency converter 0,25 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0002-2Power frequency converter 0,37 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0003-2Power frequency converter 0,55 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0004-2Power frequency converter 0,75 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0005-2Power frequency converter 1,1 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0007-2Power frequency converter 1,5 kw
PVACON0010-1L-0009-2Power frequency converter 2,2 kw
380-480 V, IP20
PVACON0010-3L-0001-4Power frequency converter 0,37 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0002-4Power frequency converter 0,55 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0003-4Power frequency converter 0,75 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0004-4Power frequency converter 1,1 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0005-4Power frequency converter 1,5 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0006-4Power frequency converter 2,2 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0008-4Power frequency converter 3,0 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0009-4Power frequency converter 4,0 kw
PVACON0010-3L-0012-4Power frequency converter 5,5 kw


To download the product documentation, please click on the link below:

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