Relay Module


This range of relay modules is intended for use with BMS controllers to convert an analogue control output to various switching relay modes. Example applications include the control of raise/lower valves, damper actuators, pump changeover and boiler control. LEDs indicate correct operation and Hand/Off/Auto jumpers ease commissioning.


- Fault finding LED indication
- Relay status LED indication
- Link selectable switching modes
- On/Off/Auto links for ease of commissioning


Input signal: 0 to 10Vdc <1mA
Input impedance: Aprox. 11kΩ
Output contacts: 8A @ 230Vac (resistive load)
Power Supply: 24Vac/dc ± 15% @ 50Hz
Power consumption: 100mA max.
Ambient range: Temperature from 0 to 40 ° C
RH 0 to 80% non-condensing
Dimensions: RM2: 72 x 49,5 x 55 mm
RM3: 72 x 65 x 55 mm
RM4: 72 x 82 x 55 mm
Weight: RM2: 100g
RM3: 140g
RM4: 200g
Models & Accessories
PIO-RM2Two stage Relay Output Module
PIO-RM3Three Stage Relay Output Module
PIO-RM4Four Stage Relay Output Module
PIO-RM8Eight Stage Relay Output Module
PIO-RMAAdjustable Switching Point Relay Module


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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