Heat Meter Integrator


The MW-MD range of heat meter integrators uses the latest innovative technology to calculate heat usage from heating and cooling systems. They are for use with mechanical flow parts. With its dynamic measuring cycle even the smallest energy consumptions are reliably collected. The large multifunction display permanently shows the heat consumption total, and by using the button it is possible to scroll through the display to show all data.


-Simple operation
-Integral wall and DIN-rail mounting bracket
-Pulsed or M-Bus output options
-Measures heating or cooling and heat/cooling


Temperature range: 1 to 150°C
Battery life: 6 years (optional 11 years)
Display: Multifunction 8-digit + characters LCD
Output pulse: 30Vdc max. @ 20mA
Pulse duration: 400m/s < TP < 600m/s
M-Bus Baud rate: 2400
Sensor type: PPT500
Ambient range: Temperature 5 a 55 ° C
RH 95% snon-condensing
Dimension: 106 x 54 x 120mm
Protection: IP54
Weight: 500g


Models & Accessories
PMW-MDHeat Meter Integrator
Output Module
-PPulsed output
Pockets & PT500 Temp. Sensor
-A45mm pocket sensor pair - 1,5m cable
-B105mm pocket sensor pair - 3m cable
-C105mm pocket sensor pair - 10m cable
-D140mm pocket sensor pair - 3m cable
-E140mm pocket sensor pair - 10m cable
System Type
-4Heating system
-5Cooling system
-6Heating/Cooling system
PMW-BATTERYOptional battery, valid to purchase together with PMW-MD, is not sold separately
Replacement Items
PMW-PKT-145mm stainless steel pockets (pair)
PMW-PKT-2105mm stainless steel pockets (pair)
PMW-PKT-3140mm stainless steel pockets (pair)


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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