QAIR - Control Panel for Air Handling Unit

Control Panel for Air Handling Unit


Power, command and control supplier for all air handling units. A complete, flexible and modular solution with applicability for different levels of integration and complexity.

Different combinations of several devices meeting each and every installation’s needs.
The best price/quality ratio

We invest on high quality and compatibility materials in order to guarantee the best performance and durability for our products. Investing on partnerships allows us to provide the market with quality priced on par with quantity.

Ships within 24h

In an increasingly demanding market, with the need for a fast response, we have gathered all our efforts and projected QAIR to be delivered in a 24h time period.


QAIR is a solution which adapts to the vast majority of air handling units and does not need to be programed accordingly to each and every equipment. Relying on simple menus and settings, it is possible to adjust all functions, applying it to the necessary solution.

Compact and versatile

It’s compact size and measures allow an easy installation in smaller environments, along with reduced stocking and transportation expenses.

Available in three different models, opaque enclosure door, clear enclosure door or simple mounting plate enclosure, makes QAIR fully adjustable to outdoors, technical areas or to be integrated on the equipment itself.


Available communication in several different protocols, such as Modbus, BACnet, Lonworks, KNX, Trend, among others, providing roughly 700 network variables which allow total interaction with Centralized Technical Management systems.

This type of communication makes it fully capable of sending and receiving commands and basic readings, as well as having complete control over QAIR.

- Portuguese
- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
Material Fiberglass reinforced polyester
Dimensions 500(A) x 400(L) to 5.5Kw + 5.5Kw
800(A) x 600(L) x 300(P) to 15Kw + 15Kw
Door Opaque (optional transparent door)
Protection IP65
CPU H8S232, 16bit, 24Mhz
Flash memory 2+2Mb
RAM memory 512Kb organized to 16bit
296Kb BIOS, 216Kb application
Battery Clock Series
ED(s) 8 (optically isolated at 24Vcc or 230Vcc 50/60hz)
EA(s) 5 (10K NTC, 4...20mA, 0...1V, 0...10V
SD(s) 4 (relay)
SA(s) 4
Frequency converter
Input voltage 380...480V -15%....+10% 3~
Input frequency 45...66Hz
Output voltage 0...Uin (2xUin with 115V converters)
Output frequency 0...320Hz
Frequency resolution 0.01 Hz
Immunity Complies with Standard EN61800-3 (2004)
Emissions 400V: CEM level 2: with internal RFI filter
Overvoltage 874 Vcc tripping level
Undervoltage 333 Vcc tripping level
Overtemperature Yes
Overload Yes
Engine Block Yes
Lower motor load Yes
Overcurrent Yes, 4xln firing limit instantly
HMI (human/machine interface)
Resolution 120x32px
Protection IP65
Supply voltage 400Vac 3~N
Rated current (In fan1 +In fan2) x 1.23
Icc cutting power 6/10KA
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature -10ºC (without ice)....+50ºC
Relative Humidity 0...95%
Pulpit rock
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