Outdoor temperature probe with radiation protection


For measuring outside air temperature the PTT-332 contains either a high quality thermistor, nickel or platinum sensing element. The sensors are housed in IP65 rated enclosures.

The PTT-332 has the element fitted into a PTFE radiation shield, designed to provide fast response times to changes in outside air temperature and to protect the element from the effects of direct sunlight.


- IP65 Protection Index
- Wide range of types of sensing elements
- Radiation shield version to minimize gain errors on the effects of direct sunlight


- Hinged lid with tamper proof facility
- Sensor consistency with other Priac products


Outputs types: Thermistor resistive
  Current 4 to 20 mA
  Voltage 0 to 10Vdc
Housing: Material ABS (flame retardant)
  Dimensions 74 x 70 x 50 mm
Ambient range: -30 to +70 ° C (-22 to 158 ° F)
Protection: IP65
Weight: 160 g


Models & Accessories
Passive Output
PTT-332-A10K3A1, Trend, Seachange, Cylon, Distech
PTT-332-B10K4A1, Andover
PTT-332-C20K6A1, Honeywell
PTT-332-DPT100A, Serck
PTT-332-EPT1000A, Cylon
PTT-332-FNi1000A, Sauter
PTT-332-GNi1000A/TCR (LAN1), Siemens
PTT-332-HSAT1, Satchwell
PTT-332-KSAT1, Landis & Staefa
PTT-332-M2,2K3A1, Johnson Controls
PTT-332-N3K3A1, Alerton
PTT-332-P30K6A1, Drayton
PTT-332-Q50K6A1, Ambiflex
PTT-332-R100K6A1, York > 40ºC
PTT-332-SSAT2, Satchwell
PTT-332-TSAT3, Satchwell
PTT-332-VSAT4, Satchwell
PTT-332-WSIE1, Siebe
PTT-332-YSTA2, Landis & Staefa
PTT-332-Z10K NTC, Carel
PTT-332-DCDelta Controls
Active Output
PTT-332-CVO4-20mA/0-10 Vdc selectable output,
Output ranges:
0 to + 40 ° C or
-10 to 110º C
PTT-332-CVO-C4-20mA/0-10 Vdc selectable output,
Specific calibration in the range of:
-30 to 70º C


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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