Immersion Sensor Pocket


PTT-PO521 and PTT-PO-HP range of stainless steel pockets are for use with immersion sensors PTT-341 and PTT-342. The two part welded PTT-PO521 pockets are intended for low flow applications. They may be used in applications such as sumps or storage tanks or low flowing water in pipes. For applications requiring installation in high flowing water, the PTT-PO-HP should be used.

Pockets are designed to accept either a 65mm (2.56”), 150mm (5.91”) or 250mm (9.84”) x 6mm (0.24”) dia. probes, which are locked in position by a grub screw. These pockets can be installed in any system that is constructed from compatible materials whose operating pressures and flow rates are within the specified ranges.


- Stainless steel
- Machined or two welded parts
- 3 standard lengths
- ½ "BSPT connection


- PTT-PO-HP for high flow applications
- Manufactured from stainless steel


Material: Stainless steel
Temperature ranges: -20 to +400 ° C (-4 to 752 ° F)
Máx. pressure (out to in): 16 bar (232 psi)
Water velocity max. (0 to 100 ° C).: TT-PO521 3,7 m/s
  TT-PO521-65 18 m / s
  TT-PO521-250 de 1,7 m / s
  TT-PO-HP 17,0 m / s
  TT-521-HP-250 de 6,5 m/s)
Weight: TT-PO521 140g
  TT-PO-HP 220g


Models & Accessories
65mm Pockets
PTT-PO521-65Stainless steel immersion pocket
150mm Pockets
PTT-PO521Stainless steel immersion pocket
PTT-PO-HPHigh performance stainless steel immersion pocket
250mm Pockets
PTT-PO521-250Stainless steel immersion pocket
PTT-PO-HP-250High performance stainless steel immersion pocket


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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