These brass rotary shoe valves are made of a special brass alloy (DZR) allowing use in heating and cooling systems, for both mixing and diverting applications. Valves are available from ½” to 2” sizes with internal threads.

Note: These are not tight shut-off valves.


- PN10
- DN15 to 50
- Internal threaded connections
- Compact size
Actuator Selection
Actuator Selection
Valve Body 24V R/L | On/Off 230V R/L | On/Off 24V | Modulating Coupling
All PVR-G PVA-05A-24 PVA-05A-230x PVA-05M-24 PVR-G-LKN-1


Flow type: Mixing or diverting
Fluid temp.: -10 to 110 ° C
Rangeability: 100:1
Leak rate: Mixing <0,05% of flow
Diverting <0,02% of flow
Nominal pressure: PN10
Max. diff. pressure: 100kPa
Materiais: Body Brass DZR. CW 6002N
Shaft and bushing PPS
Weight: 2,05 kg max. (valve only)


Models & Accessories
3-port. Screwed Valves
PVR-G-011/2" BSP, Kvs 0,4 Valve
PVR-G-021/2" BSP, Kvs 0,63 Valve
PVR-G-031/2" BSP, Kvs 1,00 Valve
PVR-G-041/2" BSP, Kvs 1,63 Valve
PVR-G-051/2" BSP, Kvs 2,5 Valve
PVR-G-061/2" BSP, Kvs 4,0 Valve
PVR-G-073/4" BSP, Kvs 2,5 Valve
PVR-G-083/4" BSP, Kvs 4,0 Valve
PVR-G-093/4" BSP, Kvs 6,3 Valve
PVR-G-101" BSP, Kvs 6,3 Valve
PVR-G-111" BSP, Kvs 10 Valve
PVR-G-121 1/4" BSP, Kvs 16 Valve
PVR-G-131 1/2" BSP, Kvs 25 Valve
PVR-G-142" BSP, Kvs 40 Valve
Linkage Kit
PVR-G-LKN-1For VA 5Nm actuators


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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