Zone valves and actuators


This series of zone valves are designed for on/off control of fluid flow in a variety of heating and cooling applications, including AHUs and FCUs. They feature a reliable synchronous motor and a spring return mechanism to provide power failsafe position and fitted with an auxiliary switch as standard.


  • Silent operation
  • BSP Connections


Operation: 2-port  normally closed, spring return
3-port, mixing, spring return
Supply: Options 230Vac and 24Vac
Voltage tolerance: ± 10%
Max. electrical load: 3A, 125 to 250Vac
Power consumption: 6W
Running time: open 10 seconds
Close 5 seconds
Working temp.: 0 to 60 ° C (32 to 140 ° F)
Working humidity: Non-condensing
Housing: Plate: Casting aluminium alloy
Cover: Flame retardant “ABS”
Valve type: 2 or 3-port
Fluid temp.: 0-94 ° C (32-201 ° F)
Material: Valve body : Forged brass
Valve rod: Stainless steel A151302
Protection: IP20
Weight: 960g
Models & Accessories
Vávulas 2-port
PVZ-2-15Zone Valve 1/2" BSP
PVZ-2-20Zone Valve 3/4" BSP
PVZ-2-25Zone Valve 1" BSP
Vávulas 3-port
PVZ-3-15Zone Valve 1/2" BSP
PVZ-3-20Zone Valve 3/4" BSP
PVZ-3-25Zone Valve 1" BSP
PVZ-SM24Actuator 24 Vac with auxiliary switch
PVZ-SM230Actuator 230 Vac with auxiliary switch


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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