Battery Powered Sensors (EDs)


Sensor nodes are used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-RX20, RF-RX40 or RF-RXS receiver units, and if required (depending on installation topography), Sontay RF-RR series of routers.

Data is transmitted back to the receiver at configurable time intervals, or on a configurable change in measured value. Each sensor retains these configurations if the battery becomes discharged or requires replacement. The sensors automatically find the best path back to the receiver, which may be directly to the receiver or via ‘parent’ routers.



Radio Output:2.4 GHz frequency, 16 channels
Accuracy: Temperature ± 0.3°C
Relative Humidity ± 3%
Battery Life: > 3 years (depending on configuration)


Models & Accessories
PRF-RS-T-1000Space Temperature Sensor
PRF-RS-T-322Duct Temperature Sensor - 150mm probe
PRF-RS-T-341Immersion Temp Sensor Node Battery Powered - 150mm probe
PRF-RS-T-351Strap-On Temp Sensor Node Battery Powered
PRF-RS-T-331Outside Air Temp Sensor Node Battery Powered
PRF-RS-T-332Outside Air Temp Sensor c/w Rad Shield Node Battery Powered
PRF-RS-T-555-2Flying Lead Temp Sensor Node Battery Powered 2m
PRF-RS-T-555-5Flying Lead Temp Sensor Node Battery Powered 5m
Humidity & Temperature
PRF-RS-R-1000Space RH and T Sensor
PRF-RS-R-622Duct RH and T Sensor
PRF-RS-R-631Wall Humidity Sensor
PRF-RS-R-632Outside Humidity Sensor
Options for -1000
-MSMomentary switch interface
-SPSet-point adjuster interface
CO2, Humidity & Temperature
PRF-RS-CO2-1000Space CO2 Sensor
PRF-RS-CO2-RH-1000Space CO2 & RH&T Sensor
PRF-RS-CO2-622Duct CO2 Sensor
PRF-RS-CO2-RH-622Duct CO2 & RH&T Sensor


To download the product datasheet, please click the links below:

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