A step forward for a more efficient building digitization

Building Intelligence System (BISYS) is a multibuilding, multiprotocol, BMS software solution, capable of integrating and managing several equipments and systems in a single platform.

BISYS is interoperable with any other system or software. Based on a truly open structure – Niagara4 – BISYS offers a variety of remarkable features to help companies make the most of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualization and new search, security and navigation tools.

The solution that integrates the various technical systems of the building to enable a unified, real-time view of the operational performance and drive improvements.

The power of centralization

BISYS provides the manager with the power to monitor, control and supervise buildings, locally or remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



BISYS is a powerful tool for alarm management, with the ability to set, manage and view alarms in the context of the entire operation. The information of an event can be redirected, scalable, trigger other events and even generate warnings for replenishment of resources.


The algorithms developed in BISYS allow monitoring and controlling of indoor air quality, programming periods and operating parameters, in order to adjust the systems to the real needs of the buildings and raise the levels of comfort, energy efficiency and occupants experience. 


In BISYS the user can create reports by consulting data, or define periodic and customized reports according to his needs. 

This customization is essential for the manager to obtain the partial or total results related to his building.


Thanks to its truly open structure, interoperability with other platforms and systems is possible, providing the manager with a multitude of features.

Energy Management

Monitoring Energy Consumption is no longer enough. BISYS allows to dynamically manage the systems according to the needs and thus achieve new goals for energy efficiency.

Historical Data

The query of data stored in BISYS provides the user with an overview of a given scenario, allowing the user to compile these values in graphics and tables and export them. 

Transform building operations data into continuous performance and efficiency improvements.


+ Control

With the integration of more specialties, an advanced reporting system and a modern and intuitive interface, BISYS allows an extraordinary level of control of the building.

+ Efficiency

By combining all the information obtained from the different integrated systems and acting on it, BISYS allows the optimization of resources, operations, occupation and maintenance, in order to obtain the highest level of efficiency in the building.

+ Confort

BISYS ensures an optimization of the interior environment of the building areas. It is possible to dynamically adjust the comfort of the building users, providing a more pleasant and productive working environment.

+ Savings

BISYS allows exponential savings, both in terms of technological investment, preserving existing investments and integrating them with new technologies, and in terms of operations, optimizing resources, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.

+ Sustainability

The solution allows a significant reduction of the environmental footprint of the building – or building campus -, through the reduction of energy consumption and optimization of resources, thus enabling to take advantage of both environmental gains and improved positioning for stakeholders.

+ Compliance

BISYS aggregates a multitude of operational data, allowing you to easily obtain sustainability KPIs, facilitate reporting, comply with environmental standards and obtain compliance certifications.

Access real-time information from your buildings, control your assets remotely and automate processes.


Full integration

BISYS takes integration capacity to another level, allowing the addition of a panoply of systems, sensors and services that until now were not possible.


Monitor and manage multiple buildings anywhere in the globe, in a simple and intuitive way, from a single management system. It is now possible to compare the behavior between buildings and areas with similar characteristics

24/7/365 Operation

BISYS transforms data into visual information, graphics and reports, allowing management and maintenance teams to spend more time optimizing building performance and less time managing data.


Being multiprotocol, BISYS allows perfect interaction with other manufacturers’ Technical Management systems, thus eliminating blocking to a single proprietary system and allowing unlimited flexibility.

EN15232 Standard

The implementation and operation of BISYS follows the EN-15232: 2017 Standard, applicable to the Technical Management Systems of new buildings or those subject to major renovations.

Intuitive interface

BISYS has a simple, intuitive, appealing and customizable interface that allows to interact naturally and freely with the system using any browser, without the need for plug-ins or add-ons.


The communication with the Maintenance Management Platform allows making maintenance operations more objective and productive. Manually inserting energy readings, temperature measurements and alarms is an unnecessary and error-prone cost.

With this integration the information that Infraspeak needs to raise the level of performance of maintenance operations is available in real time and it also has the possibility to generate work orders automatically.

Book meeting rooms and workplaces on Microsoft 365 and BISYS will be responsible for managing access, air quality, lighting and shading in order to achieve comfort levels with maximum efficiency.

Connect. Analyze. Otimize.

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